Just what is the Kernel?

This is a support article for the upcoming Meltdown and Spectre article – Disclaimer

It would seem that each year we have some sort of new software that is up to no good. This time, unfortunately, we are talking about a hardware flaw that is going to affect the way in which processors are going to be manufactured from now on.

But before we dive head on into the issue, there is a term that I would like to explain first.

I am fairly sure anyone that has read some basic things about hardware and software found the word ‘Kernel’ at one point.

Most of us know that there are two components when it comes to PCs/laptops/phones etc. You have the hardware – the thing that you can touch, and the software – the thing makes the software run. Fun fact! Anyone that got frustrated and hit the keyboard(or whatever hardware part was closer) was, most of the time, punishing the hardware for a software error.

What we don’t usually think about is how they are interconnected. Well, here is where the Kernel comes into play.

A kernel is nothing else than the Manager of your device. It is the magical code that tells an app when to start. (to be more precise, it’s the one that starts the process that is bound to that app)

Furthermore, it decides what resources (CPU, Memory, Devices) the application is allowed to use.

As you can see, that little thing has a lot of power in its hands. So, that means it should be one of the most secure things in our devices, right?









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